Junk Removal & REO Clean out

If you are looking for a company to get your junk off your property, you have come to the right place. At Clear Junk Removal, we take pride in doing a great job at a fair price. The company has been around for many years working to build strong relationships with local North County property owners and renters. We provide professional efficient junk removal services at affordable and reasonable prices. Sometimes we can even be on your property the same day or the next to start work. Junk removal is our specialty. Leave it to the professionals to do the job right the first time!


Brush Removal & Fire Prevention

When it’s time to consider brush removal, you’ll want to think about all the potential issues associated before you engage in the process. You will consider whether or not you want to do the job yourself or hire the work out to someone else, and think about whether you are physically capable to do the amount of work required. Some brush can be removed with simple tools. Other forms of brush removal require specialized equipment. Some of this equipment is designed to not only remove the brush but to process it in a way for proper disposal or recycling. Rather than just loading up a bunch of fallen tree branches in your way, you should have a professional properly remove and dispose of the brush. Clear Junk Removal can help! 


Rental & Moving Clean-out

Many property owners regularly need clean-out services for their personal and rental properties. Even the best tenants can leave junk behind when they leave. Some property owners choose to try to do this work themselves. The professionals at Clear Junk Removal have been doing this for years. They know how to get in and assess what needs done rapidly. They can then get the equipment in place and turn the job around quickly. For landlords that rely on steady rental income, this is the perfect solution. It gets the property ready for habitation and gets a renter in that much quicker.

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Furniture Removal

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and it is one of the biggest concerns when people get ready to move, or decide they want to purchase a certain piece of property. It may be difficult for one person to handle an item or effectively complete furniture removal efforts. Some common junk furniture removal items include old couches and mattresses. Perhaps your dog has shredded your couch and it’s time for a new one! Typically, a normal trash pickup will not take certain items that don’t fit in an approved dumpster. An expert can handle your couch or mattress removal needs. You don’t have to put the items on the street for days and weeks creating an eye sore, hazard, or devaluing the neighborhood reputation.


Home Remodel Debris

Homeowners going through minor or major renovations often find themselves needing to get rid of unneeded debris. Taking down even a small wall can leave a great deal of lumber and drywall materials that need to be removed. A minor landscaping job may require removal of dirt as well as old plants. In any case, they need the junk removal professionals just as much as contractors and rental property owners are needed. Let Clear Junk Removal clear the junk out out of your way so you can move forward! We'd love to help you!